Staying relaxed while working a full-time job is essential for your physical and mental well-being. It is easy to overwork yourself and suffer from burnout afterward. 

The stress and anxiety caused by work overload-induced burnout can affect your productivity and quality of work in the future. So once a person falls to the clutches of tiredness, anxiety, and stress when it comes to working, they may stay in its perpetual cycle, without ever being able to recover much. You can take a vacation or just a small weekend trip by perth weekend getaways.

How can one avoid this perpetual cycle of exhaustion and stress, or be able to leave it successfully while still being able to perform well and efficiently at work?

Here are 4 well-known tried-and-true tips on how to do so. 

Re-define your mornings

Mornings are a crucial part of everyone’s day, even for people who consider themselves to not be morning people. Regardless of if you are back home after a long night, or are just starting the day. This interval of a few hours configures what the day ahead will mostly be like. That makes it crucial to make the most of this fresh energy in the atmosphere around us.

Reset your mind, as stress from the previous day, may linger on from your sleep to the next day as well.

Instead of checking your inbox for new work emails first thing after you wake up, refresh yourself. Pull aside the curtains, let the fresh morning air hit you, hear the birds chirp.

Prepare yourself a fresh fruit smoothie and maybe even do a few minutes of yoga and meditation.

Take full control of the things you can

One factor that contributes to stress at work can be not feeling enough control. This may lead to feeling helpless. 

Taking control starts with smaller things we may otherwise ignore. Perform small tasks like sorting your stationery or files. Sort through your email inbox. Maybe even set a schedule for when to get a coffee refill, so that you see a predictable pattern in your daily life that you are entirely in control of. 

Not only do small habits like these ensure your control and help you take better control of bigger issues in both life and work, but it also creates a sense of calming orderliness around you.

Set priorities frequently

Law and order in all things are one of the most calming and relaxing factors for humans. We love to see justice, order, and correct placement of objects and matters. 

One thing that can kickstart your day well, or improve it throughout is setting a priority of tasks at work.

Creating a to-do list once you are placed in your work-station can clear one’s mind and help them think according to the order as well. This also ensures maximum productivity and efficiency within your work itself. 

Take another look at your meals

It is no secret that some food items are known to increase stress and anxiety, such as an excess of sugar, salt, and caffeine. Others are known to be calming, such as water, herbal teas, and organic unprocessed food. 

Pills and caffeine may not do as much for you as a well-planned and healthy meal chart can so try to see what kinds of foods work best for you throughout the day. Not only do they need to give you instant energy but also the right nutrition that you need to sustain your health. 

Take small healthy snacks from time to time while working a full-time shift, such as dry fruit, berries, and tofu. The ideal snack-to-snack time ratio should be every 3-4 hours or at least 4 hours after a meal.